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A few of us had felt something funny was going on but not strongly enough to not pay the bill… and by the time the false waiter had crossed the crowded restaurant and ducked out the door instead of heading to the till, it was too late to catch him. The restaurant was sympathetic it may have helped that some of us were regulars and we filed a police report, but the scammer got away clean that time. It seems to me that our society is full of minor "security holes" like this one, but they're mostly of the sort that are easy to close if they become significant. This has happened to me once in decades of dining out in good restaurants and bad; the restaurant it happened in wasn't used to this kind of scam either. Clearly the loss from this particular scam is tiny. If it happens more often, restaurants and diners will become more aware of it — notice how eagerly people will spread news of new kinds of scams — and a slight increase in caution makes this scam much less likely to succeed.

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home security camera recorder

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moreI was skeptical when I received a phone call to have an alarm system put in my home, and disregarded it as another telemarketing scam.

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No Hassle Pressure Free Consultation HSC provides a convenient pressure free phone consultation that will assess your home alarm needs and help you to determine the best package for your home.

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